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Soil Sites SA provides site-specific soil profile and landscape information (soil data) for South Australia collected by soil experts.

Soil information is used for agriculture, environmental monitoring and risk assessment, revegetation, ecology, landscape modelling, scientific research, civil engineering, industry development, investment decisions, and Government planning and policy. It helps to understand:

  • suitability for plants and agriculture.
  • implications for drought and climate change resilience.
  • susceptibility to environmental degradation.
  • structural properties for development, e.g. roads and buildings.

By providing a centralised store for collection, access and use of soil data, we can build a richer, shared understanding of our precious soil resources. It supports individuals, community groups, businesses, and Government to make better land related decisions.


Further information

  • Want data for the whole state? Click here to download all available public Soil Site SA data (4MB).
  • Note that Soil Sites SA is in BETA phase while we seek your feedback via Contact Us
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  • Submit a query or request support via Contact Us.