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Native Vegetation

South Australia's native vegetation is fundamental to the health of our environment and the prosperity of our primary industries. Native vegetation protects our land from erosion and dry-land salinity, improving our agricultural productivity and storing carbon. It provides habitat for our native animals, places for recreation, gives our landscape its identity and is culturally important for Aboriginal people.

Development has resulted in extensive clearance in agricultural areas (75 per cent cleared), resulting in reduced coverage and increased fragmentation of native vegetation. Remaining native vegetation is under additional pressure from inappropriate grazing and fire regimes, weeds, pests, plant diseases and firewood collection. Altered water flows, increasing soil salinity and climate change are also threats. Several native vegetation communities in the state are now listed as threatened.

Substantial conservation investments are required to establish a network of permanently protect areas, improve the condition of native vegetation, and to link patches through ‘corridors’ of continuous vegetation. Together the network of protected areas and corridors, will improve the survival of native plants and animals. Monitoring the condition of native vegetation is essential to ensure that management activities are effective.
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