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formerly Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens



Swainsona is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by the State Herbarium of South Australia on behalf of the Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium (Adelaide, South Australia). The journal publishes research papers on systematics, taxonomy and nomenclature of plants, algae and fungi, as well as articles on descriptive plant morphology, anatomy, genetics, ecology and botanical history. Focus of the journal is on taxa from the Australasian region, but manuscripts from other regions of the world may be considered.

Editor: Jürgen Kellermann.

Editorial Board: Robyn Barker, Ed Biffin, Tony Kanellos, Jürgen Kellermann, Lucy Sutherland & Michelle Waycott.

The Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens was founded in 1976 and renamed to Swainsona in 2017. Papers are published electronically as soon as they are reviewed, edited and typeset. A hardcopy volume is printed at the end of the calendar year, collating all articles published during this time. Printed volumes are distributed to botanical libraries around the world and are also available for purchase. The journal is also available through JSTOR. Volume numbering is continuing. The first volume of Swainsona is Vol. 30 (2017), a forthcoming special issue containing the Proceedings of the Botany Symposium at the 2016 NRM Science Conference. Regular papers are published in Vol. 31 (2017).

Swainsona Guidelines

Swainsona Supplement, formerly Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Supplement, is an irregular series of publications. So far four supplements have been issued:
1. Census of South Australian vascular plants, Edition 5.00 (2005.) The current, up-to-date Census is available online.
2. Botanic Gardens of Adelaide: Catalogue of​ plants 2010
3. Feral opuntioid cacti in Australia, Part 1: Cylindrical-stemmed genera: Austrocylindropuntia, Cylindropuntia and Corynopuntia (2015)
4. Systematic Botany-a view from the Centre: Proceedings of the ASBS Conference, Alice Springs (2016)
Older Journal Supplements are also available through JSTOR.
5. Systematics 2017-Integrating systematics for conservation and ecology: Proceedings of the joint ASBS & SASB Conference, Adelaide (2017).