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Informing Land-use Planning

South Australia’s economic prosperity and community well-being are underpinned by policies that support environmental sustainability and resilience to climate change. An effective and integrated natural resources management and land use planning system is required to respond to current and future challenges.

The Planning Strategy for South Australia​ sets out long-term visions for land use and development across the state. The Strategy links broad, statewide planning to the needs of local councils. It also describes planning initiatives that align with, or strengthen other natural resource management legislation and policies.

Through partnership with communities, industries, government agencies, non-government organisations, and Aboriginal people, NRM boards develop a vision for the use and protection of natural resources, which is outlined in regional NRM plans. Most NRM boards are adopting a broad, ‘ecosystems approach’ to natural resource management. By evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of their natural resources management programs and policies, NRM boards are able to refine their goals and focus their investments to improve conservation outcomes. Review of the SA Planning Strategy will improve alignment of NRM priorities and long-term challenges of climate change.