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Interrogating NatureMaps

Queries are a powerful way to understand your data and extract data for further analysis. The Query tool replaces the Query Builder from previous versions of NatureMaps.

Filter or Query?

Choosing filter or query a data layer depends on what you want to do with the results - simply limit the features you see in the map window to those that meet a criteria (filter) or select a list of features that meet a criteria for further analysis or review (query)?

  • Filter: Limits the features you see in a data layer to a criteria (e.g. Drill Holes where Depth <20m). Any features that don't meet the criteria are excluded from the data layer.

  • Query: Selects features that meet a criteria, highlighting the selected features in the map window and producing a list of features in a table.

qf.png Creating a Query or Filter

The query and filter tools is accessed from the Tools menu. The tools open a dialogue box in the Information Panel in which the query or filter is defined:


  1. Layer: Select the layer you wish to query (in this example, Drill Holes).

  2. Find results in [Layer] where: This is where we build the query criteria:
    a. Select the field you wish to query (e.g. If you wanted Drill Holes with a certain casing depth, chose Casing Depth)
    b. Chose an operator: Numeric and Date fields offer mathematical functions (=,<,>); Text fields offer partial matches or whole matches (=, starts with etc.).
    c. Choose a value: for numeric fields, enter a number; For text fields, enter text. 
    - Example values are available in a drop-down menu.

  3. Add Another Condition: More than one condition can be used, requiring the results to meet criteria of all conditions entered in the query.
    - Uses the AND operator, meaning the results must match Criteria 1 AND Criteria 2 to return a valid result.

  4. Spatial Filter: Choose to query results State wide or within the current map extent only.

  5. When you are happy with the query, click Search.


  • Casing Depth >10     (returns all holes with casing depth greater than 10m)

  • Casing Depth > 10 AND Ph Level =< 7     (returns all holes with casing depth greater than 10m and Ph level of 7 or less)

  • Aquifer starts with Adel     (returns all holes in aquifers with name starting with Adel e.g. Adelaide, Adelie Hills...)

  • Aquifer = Adelaide    (returns all holes in the aquifer named Adelaide - name must be exact to return a result)


Results are shown as a list in the Information Panel and highlighted in the map window (when the layer is turned on). Results can also be exported as a spreadsheet for further analysis.


  • Click on a record in the list to view more information about the feature.
  • Use the query menu for more options:mse.png
  • Options:
    -Switch to Table: displays results in a compact table format
    -Export to CSV: exports results to .csv format
    -Export to XLSX: exports results to MS Excel spreadsheet
    -Close: closes the query results