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Tools to interact with the map window are accessed from the Tools expandable toolbar at the top right corner of your NatureMaps view.


initview.png Initial View

A quick and easy way to zoom out as far as possible. Click the tool and the map will zoom out to its initial extent (full view of South Australia).

zooms.png Zoom In

The Zoom In tool allows you to zoom in on any part of the map. This differs from the other zoom tools in that it allows you to zoom to a chosen extent by drawing a rectangle. This is useful to zoom to an exact area.
To use, click and hold the mouse button to drag a rectangle that defines the area that you want to zoom in on.

prevext.png Previous Extent

Return to the previous zoom extent.  

id.png Identify

Use this tool to view the attributes of a map feature – click on your chosen feature and to list its attributes (information about the feature).
  • This tool is single use only - to identify a second feature, you will need to re-select the tool.
  • All visible layers are active – unlike previous versions of NatureMaps, there is no need to activate a layer.
  • Results appear in the Information Panel and will include all features from all visible layers. To view only features from one layer, Switch to Table view using the Identify Results menu (mse.png) and use the tabs at the top of the table to view the relevant layer.

query.png Query

Query a data layer to create a list of selected features. Results returned as a list, viewable as a table and can be exported as a spreadsheet.

filter.png Filter

Filter the features of a data layer to show only ones relevant to you. E.g Only ZN Fur Seal sites with population >100. 

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draw.png Draw (Mark-up)

Add mark-up (lines, points, polygons and text) to your map. This drop-down tool gives options to draw mark-up in a variety of forms. Select a mark-up tool and click on the map window to commence drawing.
When a mark-up tool is selected, a new menu becomes available:


  • Styles: Select the styling of the mark-up from predefined looks (colours, patterns, fonts etc.)
  • Edit: Edit the shape of mark-ups that you have already drawn. This allows you change individual vertexes and is best for simple shapes.
  • Erase: Use this tool to delete an existing mark-up by clicking on the feature to be deleted.
  • Clear: Deletes all mark-up you have drawn.

measure.png Measure

Measure distances and areas. This drop-down tool gives options to measure these in a variety of forms. Click on the map window to commence measuring.
When a drawing tool is selected, a new menu becomes available:
  • Units: select measurement units for distance (top unit) and area (bottom unit)
  • Eerase: Use this tool to click on and delete an existing measurement.
  • Clear: Deletes all measurements you have drawn.
  • Preserve: When turned on, all measurement features are kept (default). When turned off, previous measurement features are deleted.

Export measurenemts to a spreadsheet using the export drop-down menu at the top right corner of the measurements table: mse.png